Racine Families' Association


 An Appeal to the Members and Friends of the Racine Families’ Association

 Your Administrative Council has instituted a plan to produce a computerized database containing the genealogical information on the Racine families of America.

 The database will include, as a first part, the family information contained in the already published genealogical dictionaries of the four sons of our ancestor Étienne Racine, being Étienne-son, Pierre, Noël, and François.  These dictionaries were published in the early 1990s.  Having accomplished the first part of the work, it will then be possible to continue our collection of genealogical data, such as births, marriages, and deaths.  It will also be possible to make any corrections to the material contained in the published genealogical dictionaries. 

We are happy to report that the first part of the work has been completed.  Certain members of your administrative council have spent many hours at the computer entering data.  Denis Racine has entered all the names that he has collected in Europe, as well as the first six generations of the Racines in America.  Pierre Racine of Valleyfield has completed Volume IV (Pierre).  Jean-Paul Racine of Saint-Hyacinthe has completed Volume III (François).  And finally, Jacques H Racine of Kanata Ontario has completed Volumes V (Noël) and II (Étienne-fils).

 We are now ready to ask our members and friends to get us up to date.  We need details on your family’s genealogy that was not included in the four genealogical dictionaries.  This includes:

- births
- marriages
- deaths,
- corrections to the dictionaries, and,
- biographical notes on individuals, such as occupation, honours received and accomplishments, education, photographs, etc. 

It is especially important for us to get information on the daughters of Racine fathers.  This work had been omitted in the early data collection efforts.

You will find a genealogical form here to assist you in the task.

 This project is coordinated by:


Jacques H Racine
206-1136 Maritime Way
Ottawa ON K2K 0M1
Tel. 613 599 4686