Racine Families' Association
1.  L'Enraciné
The Racine Family Association's Bulletin is published two times per year and is free to all members of the Racine Families' Association (Available in French and English).

2.  By Racine, Denis

 Étienne Racine and Marguerite Martin, ancestors of the Racine families in América (54 pages) (Available in French and English) $15

3.   By Racine, Denis
The archives of the Racine Family - The chronological history of the Racine family in Europe and America from 1255 to today (81 pages) (Available in French only) $15
4.   By Racine, Denis
The descendants of Ephrem Racine (1845-1902) and Rosalie Thomassin (1851-1919) of St. Joachim (Montmorency county) (Available in French only)(105 pages). 20$

5.  By the Racine Families' Association

A CD containing the complete genealogy of the descendants of Étienne Racine and Marguerite Martin. $10

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